Spring Feels

The weather was quite beautiful today, and since Spring is literally right around the corner, I thought why not wear something to brighten up my day? :) I went full black, of course, with this beautiful oversized, waterfall mustard yellow coat. I love that I can wear it in Spring, Fall, and/or Winter.

Everyday Makeup

Hey guys! I get asked a lot about what foundation I use to what concealer I use down to what I use to set my makeup, etc. So, I decided to put this post together to share what I like, what I use, and what works for me. These are my everyday products:
  • L.A. Girl Orange Corrector
  • Black Opal liquid foundation in Nutmeg
  • L.A. Girl Pro concealer in Fawn
  • Sacha Buttercup loose setting powder (to set Fawn)
  • Ruby Kisses mineral powder in Ebony (as my powder contour)
  • Black Opal loose setting powder in Dark (for entire face)
  • Ruby Kisses All Over Glow in Bronze Glow
  • NYX matte setting spray
I place the Orange Corrector on my dark spots before applying my foundation. I use Fawn to clean up my brows and for a natural highlight under my eyes. I use a damp beauty blender to get an even coverage of foundation + concealer on my face. I will have a step-by-step routine posted soon.

Ps. Let me know if you'd like me to share my skincare routine.


My love for wide leg trousers are so real. I'm so in love with these bad boys. Like, how cute are they? It's the white, blue, and white stripes that caught my eye. It just brings the pant to life. Of course that was the statement piece of my outfit, so I paired it with my black turtleneck and black pointy-toe pumps. To complete the look, I wore my black waterfall coat along with my LV pochette.

Camel Coat

Keep your essentials basic! I can't stress that enough. Find a great coat you love; the kind that works with pretty much everything. Throw on a pair of jeans to the equation and stack all that on top of statement heels, or whatever footwear you prefer. Re-wear this look to bits.

Ps. Try investing into pieces that last you longer than one trend and build your wardrobe around them.

It's A Celebration

Last night, I celebrated my good, old friend Jenece's 25th Birthday along with family and close friends of hers. It feels like it was yesterday when the 3 of us graduated from elementary school, and now we're hitting our quarter of a century mark. Time flies. Nevertheless, I know she enjoyed herself and that's all that matters.

Ps. Temonie, you're next. Lol.


Right when you need inspiration, it'll hit you in the face when you stop worrying about when it will. I sparked some crazy ass inspiration on this wonderful Wednesday afternoon.

Photo: Dara Muscat

Missing Summer

If you knew me, you'd know how much I love the cool weather, but looking at these old photos has me missing the warmer weather so much.

Love Yourself

Here's a simple reminder that I wanted to drop for my visitors...

You're beautiful. Stop beating yourself up. Stop trying to prove yourself to others. Accept and embrace all your flaws. Remember that you're enough, and for those who can't see that, let them go. Learn to love yourself first in all ways, always.

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