Look Book: In Jamaica Pt. 2

August 19, 2020

Hi, my loves! Here’s Pt. 2 of my In Jamaica look book! :)

While I was getting this post together, it hit me... I didn’t record an actual vacation look book on this trip for my YouTube channel. I kind of wish I did. Honestly, I was mostly focused on being in the moment, snap a photo when needed, and being in the moment. Lol! But, I’ll be sure to do so for my next trip—whenever that is.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my wardrobe was bought in advance from Zara, Winners, Boohoo, and Fashion Nova. I didn’t save any links, names, or item numbers for these pieces. Sorry! Anyways... I hope you guys enjoy pt. 2 of this look book. It means so much to me when y’all tell me you like my posts & looks. Thank you for all the love! Photos are posted below. <3

 Ps. ALL of my photos were taken on my iPhone XR and edited through VSCO.