Look Book: In Jamaica Pt. 1

July 30, 2020

Hi, my loves! I went to JAMAICA!!!

For this vacay lookbook, I decided to split this into two parts instead of creating a single post for each fit because—honestly—it would be too much, and would go on for a long time. Aha!

I stayed in Negril, Jamaica with my family at a beach house condo. Y’all, it was everything! It was so beautiful. I was so happy to be around my family that I haven’t seen in years. It was good to be in a different environment, and to wake up to a beautiful view. Man, it was just nice to get away and relax and not respond to emails. It was my vacation—I wasn’t going to work. Lol!

So, this trip to Jamaica was planned waaaay ahead of time before the pandemic hit us. There were times where I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to go, but once Jamaica opened up their borders, I knew it was 2 thumbs up for us. :)

Again, since this trip was planned ahead of time, of course I was shopping in advance. My JA wardrobe was bought from Zara, Winners, Boohoo, and Fashion Nova. I did not save any links, names, or item numbers for each piece, so no I’m unable to share specific information. Sorry, guys!

Anyways! Here are some photos I’ve posted on Instagram, thus far. I hope everyone is doing well and trying to enjoy their summer to the fullest. Pt. 2 is coming real soon! Xo

Ps. All of my photos were taken on my iPhone XR and edited through VSCO.