Black on Black

August 28, 2019

Hi, my loves! I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the last few weeks left of Summer. I’ve been so busy with preparing content for my YT channel that I forgot to update you guys on some of my recent looks. Well, if you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve seen this fit. Who doesn’t love a good black on black fit?!

I’ll keep it real with you, this fit just made me miss and crave the Autumn feels. I know we’ll never be completely satisfied with the weather because when it’s cold, we want the heat, and when it’s hot, we can’t wait for the cooler weather to come around. In my case, Autumn is my favourite season, so I have every right to crave for the temperature to drop. Lol! I’m looking forward to wearing my leather jackets again, my coats, boots, and hats. But, I’ll continue to enjoy Summer before it goes.

This fit is sooo easy to recreate. Throw on a black blazer, black pants (whether loose or tight), and a nice pair of heels. My blazer is from Boohoo, the pants are from Ann Taylor, and the heels are from Quiz Clothing. This was a last minute put together that I dug up from my closet (lol!), so this isn’t a recent purchase, babies.

Next month (Birthday month) is going to be so hectic, but I promise to keep y’all in the loop of what I’m doing. In the meantime, stay in touch with me on Instagram & Twitter. Xo

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  1. I am ALWAYS craving Fall, epescially in Louisiana. It's the perfect time for summer clothes and/or layers and I love both. And Fall is the perfect time for all black out here as well. It's a classic go-to look that's appopriate for any occassion.