Lunch Date

July 26, 2019

Hi, my loves! This post should’ve been published a lot sooner, but life...

Anyways... a good friend of mine and I went out for lunch in the city to catch up. Her and I haven’t seen each other in monthssss! You know those kind of friendships where you go months without seeing or speaking to each other, but when y’all finally see each other, it’s as if you just saw and spoke to them yesterday? Yeah, that’s how it is with Shanyka and I. (Hey, girl! Lol!)

Before we got to the restaurant, we of course got some photos in of each other. I haven’t gone shopping in a while, so this fit was pulled right out of my closet. This multicolour bodysuit I’m wearing is actually what I wore for my birthday last year. I paired it with these jeans from Fashion Nova and clear mules from @_solematesshoetique. The high bun and earrings gave it that extra touch. Simple, yet so nice.

We had lunch at King Taps. Their food and drinks are so good. The vibe and music are bomb, too. Definitely a must check out.

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  1. Best type of friendship to have.. the kind where the both of you know how busy life can get, but you don't hold it against one another. And the love never falters.