Lime x Denim

May 19, 2019

Hi, my loves! It sure has been a while, and I hope you’re all doing well. :)

By now, I expected the weather to kick off, but it’s still not the greatest—which means I haven’t been able to slay the way I want to. Lol! This long weekend, it’s feeling a little warmer, so I had to take advantage of it.

This entire outfit is from Boohoo. Yes, Boohoo. When I saw the bardot top, there was no way I could not buy it. I have it in this lime colour and in white, too. This was my first time ordering a pair of jeans from Boohoo, so you could imagine the hesitation I was going through. Lol! Luckily, it does fit. However, after the first wear—it did give—so it feels a little loose, but that’s okay.

Let’s get into the heels! When my eyes caught this bad boy, I ordered it immediately! Usually I let things sit in my cart for days before purcashing, but not this time. Lol! And, of course it worked well with this outfit.

I haven’t felt this cute in a long time. Anyway, I do hope y’all like this fit as much as I do. Xo

These heels are OUT OF STOCK on Boohoo, but I found a similar pair

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