Rare Occurrence

March 3, 2019

Hi, my loves! Happy March! I’m back with another style post for y’all. I’M WEARING A DRESS!!! Lol! I hardly wear dresses, but this dress stole my heart.

Sakari, who’s the owner of Rare Occurrence, sent this beautiful dress to me. It fits like a glove—can’t you tell? Lol! (Thank you, love!) I couldn’t wait to wear it, but I wanted to wait for the right time to SHOW OUT in it. Haha! The fit, the style, and the colour are perfect. I love how simple and clean it is. I’m obsessed, guys!

Now, since this dress is a statement piece itself, I kept everything else minimal. Clear heels and my LV pouchette. After wearing this dress, I’ve seen the light! I’ll be wearing dresses more and more. Lol! Take a look at Sakari’s online boutique, and you can purchase the dress right here.

Enjoy the photos, and I’ll see you guys in my next post. Xo.