Teddy Coat

February 15, 2019

Hello, my loves! I hope all is well. I know it’s been awhile, but I’m back with another style post for y’all. Let’s get straight into it. Based on the title of the post, you know I’m talking about TEDDY COATS! I think they’re so cute. I love them! Lol! I’ve always wanted one for the longest time, but I never really put any energy into looking/buying one for myself.

Quick story! The time finally came when I decided that I would like to get my hands on one, but everywhere I turned, my size was sold out or I wasn’t really feeling the make of the coat. Plus, I wanted a “teddy coat” not a “teddy jacket”. I wanted one that would cover my behind, so I stopped and then I was on the hunt again. Lol! I stumbled across this one on Boohoo. At first, I was skeptical about it due to it being a double breasted coat. I have trouble with those kind of coats because my hips are too wide, so I stay away from them. Well, I went for it and went a size up. (I was going for that oversized look.) The package arrived and here I am today!

Guys, it’s the perfect shade of brown, the length is just right (for me), and I can get away with wearing a double breasted coat. Lol!

For this look, I paired the teddy coat with my white jeans from Fashion Nova, my brown ankle boots from H&M (4 years ago), my nude fedora—also from H&M, and my Louis purse. I’m so obsessed with this look, and I’m happy with how it turned out. I hope you guys like it, too. :)

Photos are posted below. Until next time. Xo

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