Animal Print

November 19, 2018

Hi, my loves! I have another style post for you guys. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over animal print. It has always been around, but everywhere you turn, all you see is animal print, animal print, and more animal print. Lol! Now, it was only right that I got my hands on it.

I was on a mission to find the perfect one for me. I searched online and I found A LOT, until I came across this bad boy. I’m so happy I got it and I really love the thumb-hole touch to it. I also got another snakeskin print bodysuit from Zara—that I’ll wear real soon.

For this look, I wanted to keep it simple by pairing it with basic black trousers, some clear heels, and my fur collar. Of course, the bodysuit was the statement piece, and I wore my everyday gold jewelry. I just love how this whole look came together.

Ladies, you can find this bodysuit on Amazon! Yes, I said it... A M A Z O N! Here I was blown away, but then again, it’s silly of me to neglect the gems that can be found on Amazon. If you want to go for a more lighter look, wearing white trousers would look really nice, too. (We’re breaking rules. I wear white after Labour Day. I don’t care. Haha!)

Also, I’ve reached 11.2k+ followers on Instagram. I really gotta thank y’all for rockin’ with me, man. I love you guys so much and I appreciate the support deeply. Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that consistency is key, and once you’re consistent with your work, the results will show. It’s definitely a great feeling. So, again, thank you so much. I’ll continue droppin’ bomb fits. Lol! Xo


  1. Tamara, I’m so obsessed with you and your style. You honestly inspire me in so many ways. You’re my favourite. And, congratulations on reaching that high amount of followers. We love you! Xo

    1. Girl, you’re amazing! Thank you so much for the love. Xo

  2. I love this look so much . I would like to know where you got the pants ❤️